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Copp Clark is the authoritative source for information
on holiday observances affecting world financial markets.
Our market holidays, trading hours and early closing data are trusted and recognized globally as the market standard.

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Holiday Data Service®

More than 1000 Currencies, Exchanges
and Financial Centers Monitored Daily.

Holiday Data Service ® covers currency/FX holidays,
currency non-clearing days, bank holidays, business center holidays, exchange trading holidays, exchange settlement holidays and provides email alerts when changes occur to observances.

Holiday Data Service®

Custom formatted reference data
for financial applications.

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Trading Hours Report ®

Trading hours, partial trading and
early closings. Includes Stocks Trading Calendar, Cash Products Report and Derivatives Product Report.

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The online source for verifying holidays affecting world financial markets. Monitored and updated daily.

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Goodbusiness Day Finder®

The international financial calendar specifically
designed for forward FX and derivatives markets.
Trusted and relied upon around the world.

Money Day Finder®

The financial calendar specifically designed for
North American markets (CAD, MXN and USD).