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Upgrade your Holiday Data Service® subscription to get our premium market closure data in granular detail.

Receive monthly updates to changes in global trading hours and early closings. Meanwhile, our FX spot and Tplus exchange settlement calendars are updated whenever there’s a change in holiday data, anywhere in the world.

Know the latest on early market closures and revised trading schedules with our Trading Hours Report®.

By subscribing to our Trading Hours Report®, you ensure that your core trading systems will be populated with accurate trading hours data for major global markets.

You will receive regular monthly updates for both cash and derivatives markets. If significant changes occur mid-month, our team will send an email alert with updated information as soon as we’ve confirmed it.

Available in .csv or .xls formats, with detailed guidelines and product mapping.

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Get complete hourly and daily stock market closure data with our Stocks Trading Calendar.
(Included with Trading Hours Report®)

This 365-day calendar combines all of our stock market closure data—hourly and daily—for two years forward for the world’s major markets. You’ll have access to the day-by-day trading status for each market, as well as weekends, holidays, half-days, and business days. Trading hours are reported from opening call to closing call in local time.

You’ll receive any updates to trading hours alongside our updates to market holidays.

Available in .csv or .xls formats.

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Determine settlement dates using the Tplus Exchange Settlement Calendar.

This calendar lists valid trade dates and corresponding settlement dates for all world stock exchanges. We source our data using the latest Tplus settlement rules for regular equity trades, as provided by each exchange.

We deliver same-day updates whenever our research team confirms changes to holidays or Tplus rules.

Available in .csv or .xls formats.

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Determine settlement dates for any currency pair using the FX Spot Calendar.

Select any currency pair and Tplus convention (T+1, T+2, etc.) to determine your settlement days. You may also specify whether settlement is allowed on U.S. holidays. As well, you can check monthly forward FX dates for one year forward (according to ‘modified following’ protocol).

Our team delivers same-day updates to the FX Spot Calendar whenever we confirm changes to holidays.

Available in .csv or .xls formats.

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Upholding Industry Standards

All of our data meets the strictest international standards for accuracy and reliability.

SWIFT registered solutions partner

Copp Clark Limited is a SWIFT® registered solutions partner.

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Copp Clark Limited products and services are endorsed by ACI (Association Cambiste Internationale), the international Financial Markets Association.

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Maintaining the Highest Standards

We strive to maintain the highest standards possible when it comes to our data. We monitor, source, and verify our premium holiday data with primary sources from around the world. Upgrade your subscription to access our supplemental data services.

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