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Tuesday June 18, 2024

Show Holidays For:
Country/Center Holiday Name
Afghanistan Eid ul Adha 2*
AFN Currency FX Market Holiday
AFN Currency Payment System Holiday
Kabul Bank Holiday
Algeria Eid al-Adha 2*
DZD Currency FX Market Holiday
DZD Currency Payment System Holiday
Algiers Bank Holiday
Algiers Stock Exchange Settlement Holiday
Algiers Stock Exchange Trading Holiday
Azerbaijan Gurban Bayram*
AZN Currency FX Market Holiday
AZN Currency Payment System Holiday
Baku Bank Holiday
Baku Stock Exchange Settlement Holiday
Baku Stock Exchange Trading Holiday
Bahrain Eid El Adha 3*
BHD Currency FX Market Holiday
BHD Currency Payment System Holiday
Bahrain Bourse Settlement Holiday
Bahrain Bourse Trading Holiday
Manama Bank Holiday
Bangladesh Eid-ul Azha 3*
BDT Currency FX Market Holiday
BDT Currency Payment System Holiday
Chittagong Bank Holiday
Chittagong Stock Exchange Settlement Holiday
Chittagong Stock Exchange Trading Holiday
Dhaka Bank Holiday
Dhaka Stock Exchange Settlement Holiday
Dhaka Stock Exchange Trading Holiday
Cambodia Queen-Mother's Birthday
KHR Currency FX Market Holiday
KHR Currency Payment System Holiday
Cambodia Securities Exchange Settlement Holiday
Cambodia Securities Exchange Trading Holiday
Phnom Penh Bank Holiday
Comoros Eid al-Adha 2*
KMF Currency FX Market Holiday
KMF Currency Payment System Holiday
Moroni Bank Holiday
Djibouti El-Adha 3*
DJF Currency FX Market Holiday
DJF Currency Payment System Holiday
Djibouti Bank Holiday
Egypt Eid al-Adha 3*
EGP Currency FX Market Holiday
EGP Currency Payment System Holiday
Cairo Bank Holiday
Egyptian Exchange Settlement Holiday
Egyptian Exchange Trading Holiday
Nile Stock Exchange Settlement Holiday
Nile Stock Exchange Trading Holiday
Gambia Eid al-Adha 2
GMD Currency FX Market Holiday
GMD Currency Payment System Holiday
Banjul Bank Holiday
Indonesia Idhul Adha Holiday
IDR Currency FX Market Holiday
IDR Currency Payment System Holiday
Indonesia Commodity and Derivatives Exchange Settlement Holiday
Indonesia Commodity and Derivatives Exchange Trading Holiday
Indonesia Stock Exchange Settlement Holiday
Indonesia Stock Exchange Trading Holiday
Jakarta Bank Holiday
Jakarta Futures Exchange Settlement Holiday
Jakarta Futures Exchange Trading Holiday
Pangkalpinang Bank Holiday
Tangerang Bank Holiday
Iraq Eid al-Adha 2*
IQD Currency FX Market Holiday
IQD Currency Payment System Holiday
Baghdad Bank Holiday
Iraq Stock Exchange Settlement Holiday
Iraq Stock Exchange Trading Holiday
Jordan Eid al-adha 2*
JOD Currency FX Market Holiday
JOD Currency Payment System Holiday
Amman Bank Holiday
Amman Stock Exchange Settlement Holiday
Amman Stock Exchange Trading Holiday
Kuwait Eid-al-Adha 3*
KWD Currency FX Market Holiday
KWD Currency Payment System Holiday
Kuwait Bank Holiday
Kuwait Stock Exchange Settlement Holiday
Kuwait Stock Exchange Trading Holiday
Lebanon Eid al-Adha 2*
LBP Currency FX Market Holiday
LBP Currency Payment System Holiday
Beirut Bank Holiday
Beirut Stock Exchange Settlement Holiday
Beirut Stock Exchange Trading Holiday
Libya Eid al-Adha 3*
LYD Currency FX Market Holiday
LYD Currency Payment System Holiday
Libyan Stock Market Settlement Holiday
Libyan Stock Market Trading Holiday
Tripoli Bank Holiday
Maldives Al'haa Eid Day 2*
MVR Currency FX Market Holiday
MVR Currency Payment System Holiday
Maldives Stock Exchange Settlement Holiday
Maldives Stock Exchange Trading Holiday
Male Bank Holiday
Mauritania Tabaski 2*
MRU Currency FX Market Holiday
MRU Currency Payment System Holiday
Nouakchott Bank Holiday
Morocco Eid al-Adha 2*
MAD Currency FX Market Holiday
MAD Currency Payment System Holiday
Casablanca Bank Holiday
Casablanca Stock Exchange Settlement Holiday
Casablanca Stock Exchange Trading Holiday
Rabat Bank Holiday
Myanmar Idul Athwaha*
MMK Currency FX Market Holiday
MMK Currency Payment System Holiday
Yangon Bank Holiday
Nigeria Id-el-Kabir 2*
NGN Currency FX Market Holiday
NGN Currency Payment System Holiday
Lagos Bank Holiday
Nigerian Stock Exchange Settlement Holiday
Nigerian Stock Exchange Trading Holiday
Oman Eid al-Adha 3*
OMR Currency FX Market Holiday
OMR Currency Payment System Holiday
Muscat Bank Holiday
Muscat Securities Market Settlement Holiday
Muscat Securities Market Trading Holiday
Ruwi Bank Holiday
Pakistan Eid-ul-Adha 2*
PKR Currency FX Market Holiday
PKR Currency Payment System Holiday
Islamabad Bank Holiday
Karachi Bank Holiday
Lahore Bank Holiday
Pakistan Stock Exchange Settlement Holiday
Pakistan Stock Exchange Trading Holiday
Palestinian Territory Occupied Al Adha 2*
Nablus Bank Holiday
Palestine Exchange Settlement Holiday
Palestine Exchange Trading Holiday
West Bank Bank Holiday
Philippines Bacolod City Charter Day
Bacolod Bank Holiday
Qatar Eid al-Adha 3*
QAR Currency FX Market Holiday
QAR Currency Payment System Holiday
Doha Bank Holiday
Qatar Exchange Settlement Holiday
Qatar Exchange Trading Holiday
Saudi Arabia Eid Al Adha 3*
SAR Currency FX Market Holiday
SAR Currency Payment System Holiday
Jeddah Bank Holiday
Riyadh Bank Holiday
Saudi Arabian Stock Exchange Settlement Holiday
Saudi Arabian Stock Exchange Trading Holiday
Seychelles National Day
SCR Currency FX Market Holiday
SCR Currency Payment System Holiday
MERJ Exchange (formerly Trop-X) Settlement Holiday
MERJ Exchange (formerly Trop-X) Trading Holiday
Victoria Bank Holiday
Singapore Idhul Adha Holiday
SGX MSCI Indonesia Futures Settlement Holiday
Sudan Eid al-Adha 3*
SDG Currency FX Market Holiday
SDG Currency Payment System Holiday
Khartoum Bank Holiday
Khartoum Stock Exchange Settlement Holiday
Khartoum Stock Exchange Trading Holiday
Syrian Arab Republic Eid Al-Adha 3*
SYP Currency FX Market Holiday
SYP Currency Payment System Holiday
Damascus Bank Holiday
Damascus Securities Exchange Settlement Holiday
Damascus Securities Exchange Trading Holiday
Turkiye Kurban Bairam 3*
TRY Currency FX Market Holiday
TRY Currency Payment System Holiday
Ankara Bank Holiday
Istanbul Bank Holiday
Istanbul Stock Exchange Settlement Holiday
Istanbul Stock Exchange Trading Holiday
Istanbul Stock Exchange Debt Segment Settlement Holiday
Istanbul Stock Exchange Debt Segment Trading Holiday
Istanbul Stock Exchange Futures and Options Settlement Holiday
Istanbul Stock Exchange Futures and Options Trading Holiday
Turkmenistan Kurban Bairam 2*
TMT Currency FX Market Holiday
TMT Currency Payment System Holiday
Ashgabat Bank Holiday
United Arab Emirates El-Adha 4*
AED Currency FX Market Holiday
AED Currency Payment System Holiday
Abu Dhabi Bank Holiday
Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange Settlement Holiday
Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange Trading Holiday
Dubai Bank Holiday
Dubai Financial Market Settlement Holiday
Dubai Financial Market Trading Holiday
NASDAQ Dubai (formerly DIFX) Settlement Holiday
NASDAQ Dubai (formerly DIFX) Trading Holiday
Ras al-Khaimah Bank Holiday
Uzbekistan Eid al-Adha (Kurbon Hayit) 2
UZS Currency FX Market Holiday
UZS Currency Payment System Holiday
Tashkent Bank Holiday
Uzbek Commodity Exchange Settlement Holiday
Uzbek Commodity Exchange Trading Holiday
Uzbekistan Stock Exchange Settlement Holiday
Uzbekistan Stock Exchange Trading Holiday
Western Sahara Eid al-Adha 2*
El Aaiun Bank Holiday
Yemen Eid al-Adha 3*
YER Currency FX Market Holiday
YER Currency Payment System Holiday
Aden Bank Holiday
Sana'a Bank Holiday

*Observances are subject to change

Last Updated: Monday, June 17, 2024

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